Business Plan Creation

Business Plan Creation


$300.00 per person

Green Financial Online Inc. now offers Business Plan Creation workshops to guide both Self-Employed and Corporate taxpayers through a Business Plan, and provide the training and template to customize their own.  This service addresses the issues created by Government instructions to both the CRA and the Department of Justice.  Both the CRA and the DOJ have been instructed to request a Business Plan from all taxpayers they audit/pre-assess/send a Request for Information to.  The presence of a Business Plan carries significant weight when they decide if an ‘Active’ business exists, or whether they will classify it as a ‘hobby’.  If it is deemed a hobby, all expenses will be denied – regardless of the presence of receipts.

2017 was the first year Business Plans were requested of taxpayers en masse.  2018 sees the entrenchment of Business Plan requests in audits.  Once entrenched in audits, its absence in a taxpayer’s response will generate a classic CRA interpretation, ‘The taxpayer is not in compliance with our request, we propose to deny all expenses claimed’.

This service includes:

  • 3-hour session, in a workshop environment, to guide you through each page of the Business Plan
  • Business Plan Template to be customized and revised annually for the benefit of your company and to defend against CRA/DOJ attacks




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