Apparently I was spending a little too much time complaining about how much money the government took from me, and what they did with it once they had it. A family member suggested I do something about it. That started my initial training: 6 diplomas (with honours) from the Evelyn Jacks Tax Institute, months of Tax Court of Canada experience, years of Income Tax Act study and 11 personal battles with Rev Can (ALL of which I won!). Friends and family started to ask me to help with their returns and Green Financial Online was born

I have run Green Financial Online since 2001 and have been called the King of Keep® by customers from Day One

I focus on the needs of: Commissioned Sales Employees, the Self-Employed, Sole Proprietors, Unincorporated Partnerships, and Small Incorporations (CCPCs). I focus on these positions because I have been all of these over the years and I know: 1/ the worries and pressures that come with each title, 2/ the time commitments of each, 3/ the hopes of each, and 4/ the tax requirements, court cases and sections of the Income Tax Dalton Greenassociated with each. It’s my money too we’re talking about here – no theories allowed!

My name is Dalton Green and I treat your return like my own because I’m in business too. I’m in your shoes


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