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Why Is Green Financial Online Inc. Unique?

It’s not what you make – it’s what you keep that counts®


The lead tax consultant at Green Financial Online Inc. is Dalton Green.  Dalton has been a highly qualified tax consultant since 2001 and has defended customers in the Tax Court of Canada since 2006.  Dalton’s training and experience is focused on small corporations, and personal income tax returns (self-employed, sole proprietors, partnerships and commissioned employees). Most accountants and tax preparers only receive training for large and publicly traded corporation tax returns.  The rules and methodology for preparing a corporate return do not apply to self-employed returns.  Attempting to apply corporate rules increases your overhead and creates the environment for an undefendable audit.

By using the Green Financial Online Inc. method and template taught in the Bookkeeping Training Course, you will learn how to minimize your tax burden safely, and how to maximise your tax-deductible expenses.

Corporate customers automatically have a bookkeeper assigned to their account. For those self-employed/Sole Proprietor companies that are too busy to enter all the Revenue/Expense figures into the template every month, Green Financial recommends Kim Mackintosh of Every Penny Bookkeeping Services.


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