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Why Is Green Financial Online Inc. Unique?

It’s not what you make – it’s what you keep that counts®


The lead Tax Consultant at Green Financial is Dalton Green.  He holds 6 Diplomas (Hons), from a private income tax training centre (the only way to be trained in personal income tax in Canada), the Evelyn Jacks Tax Institute now known as the Knowledge Bureau.

Dalton specifically trained for personal income tax returns and small corporate income tax returns (corporations making under $500,000 in profits per year).  With recent revisions to tax law and rules for both Personal and Corporate taxpayers, Dalton’s negotiations with the Department of Justice (the legal team that defends CRA’s decisions) has given him insight into their new templates, criteria, and how best to prepare returns to avoid denial of expenses.

Using this new information, and experience with the Department of Justice, Dalton can teach customers what can or cannot be done before a return is filed.

Green Financial Online starts all customer relationships with a Bookkeeping Training session.  This is where customers learn:

  • The Rules – there are four sets of bookkeeping rules in Canada. Your customized template will only reflect the rules that apply to your situation. This ensures that you are accurately using the tax rules to minimise your tax burden.
  • The Tool – Green Financial Online uses Excel for personal and corporate record-keeping. There is no ongoing monthly fee for the template as there is with Sage, QuickBooks and other software.
  • The Method – Green Financial can provide tips, hints, and a method for recording the raw data for a tax return, but cannot replace the accuracy and audit ready ledgers that a bookkeeper can provide. Green Financial Online strongly recommends those that are interested, Corporations in particular, use Parasol Accounting Services for bookkeeping services.  Please contact Alexandra Gilligan-Cook on 604 505 8732 or


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