Audit Response – This Is The Fun Part

Audit Responses / Notice of Reassessment



  • If another company prepared your return, the charge is $150.00 per hour to respond to CRA and/or file a Notice of Objection
  • If Green Financial Online Inc. prepared your return, one hour of assistance is provided for free
  • In either situation, the required templates to respond to CRA will be provided
  • Bookkeeping services may be required to fully respond to an audit. This service is provided at a cost of $350.00.  This is a flat fee – i.e. not per hour.  Additional photocopying or scanning fees may be applicable as required
  • If further action is required after CRA’s response – such as negotiating with the Department of Justice (DOJ), or proceeding to the Tax Court of Canada (TCC) – the following charges apply:
  • $150.00 per hour for DOJ/TCC preparation and
  • $250.00 per half day in court/chambers
  • $500.00 per full day in court/chambers

Please note that there will be a $50 fee charged if you cancel or reschedule a meeting within 24 hours of a scheduled meeting.


  • NO unsolicited emails will be sent. Your email address will NEVER be sent/shared/sold with anyone or any group. No newsletters, or updates, or ‘products and services you might be interested in’ will EVER be sent. Ever. Promise