Audit Response – This Is The Fun Part

Audit Response – This Is The Fun Part



Whether you are innocent or not, Rev Can will ‘imply’, ‘intimidate’, impose tight time limits, send many, many, many ‘informative’ letters that only seem to quote sections of the Income Tax Act that detail the penalties, fines and consequences you might be facing

This does not mean you are guilty, but unlike our criminal court system, you are assumed guilty until you prove yourself innocent! AND you HAVE to prove yourself innocent but Rev Can does NOT have to prove you are guilty


They don’t do all this because they have all the evidence they need to prove your guilt – or any evidence at all – they just want to scare the fight out of you so you pay without question


Two things you must know when you are being audited, aka ‘Request for Information’:
1/ The Rev Can employee you are dealing with is a commissioned employee. Their take home pay increases the more they collect. Do not worry about the obvious conflict of interest – you can rest assured they are unbiased when their income is on the table – yeah right!

2/ You can challenge them, for free, with a simple form and supporting evidence if their accusation does not make sense and you have the document(s) to prove your case. Just because they want you to pay does NOT mean you have to accept their opinion. Canada has laws that protect you – but Rev Can won’t present these options. If your written objection is ignored, for a $100 court fee, you can then take your case to the Tax Court of Canada and have a VERY IMPARTIAL judge (i.e. not a former Rev Can employee) look at the evidence

You do need to have an expert on your sid

So how can you avoid this painful time-suck?

Contact me BEFORE responding to letter number one from Rev Can. I have success with both: responding to Rev Can audits, AND the Tax Court of Canada

Familiarity and experience with how Rev Can audits individuals and corporations is what you need

$150/hour for Audit Response Guidance and Preparation


Please note that there will be a $50 fee charged if you cancel or reschedule a meeting within 24 hours of a scheduled meeting.


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