T1 Personal Income Tax Returns

T1 Personal Income Tax Returns

Green Financial Online focuses on serving the unique needs of (regardless of the industry):

  • Commissioned Sales employees
  • Self-Employed
  • Sole Proprietors
  • Unincorporated Partnerships

I have enjoyed success in each of these roles and am personally familiar with the rules involved – I’m not just ruggedly handsome!

Revenue Canada has ‘preferences’ when reviewing these kinds of returns. I ensure your return will not get red-flagged and minimize the risk of an audit. After gaining my Tax Preparation diplomas with honours, I spent months in the Tax Court of Canada watching case after case. I understand how Rev Can attacks individuals and companies. I know their approach, what they look for, their methods, and how to avoid and/or stop their misleading, intimidating, and often-times purposefully incorrect interpretation of the Income Tax Act. This means you avoid their traps and the time it takes to get out of them

To safely minimize your tax burden, an Action Plan will be created with you – one that is actually sustainable and easy to both understand and implement

$250 per return, per year

Please note that there will be a $50 fee charged if you cancel or reschedule a meeting within 24 hours of a scheduled meeting.

  • NO unsolicited emails will be sent. Your email address will NEVER be sent/shared/sold with anyone or any group. No newsletters, or updates, or ‘products and services you might be interested in’ will EVER be sent. Ever. Promise