Services Offered

Services Offered


Personal Personal Tax Returns: Customized planning, preparation and filing returns for commissioned sales employees, sole proprietors, self-employed and unincorporated partnerships

Corporate Tax Returns: Customized planning, preparation and filing returns for small CCPC’s – corporations with under $500,000 in active income

Bookkeeping Training and Services: In two hours I can customize the template to your situation (rules for e.g. Commissioned Sales differ than rules for a Sole Proprietor), explain EVERY deduction that applies to you, explain the rules around each expense group and show the process to reduce your Bookkeeping efforts to 20 MINUTES A MONTH! The template has all the formulas built-in so it is as easy as using a calculator. You WILL NOT re-type a receipt again – that is why you keep the receipt – all we need is the number.  If there is a rule that helps you save money, this template has it – there is NOTHING else you need to use or learn


My template does it all for you and is yours with the Bookkeeping Training. I also offer Bookkeeping Services for personal and corporate customers. Nothing exciting here, just pay me to accurately record your income and expenses so you don’t have to

Audit Response: I will gladly help you respond to Rev Can’s seemingly endless stream of threatening letters. There are limits to Rev Can’s authority and I am familiar with what they can and cannot do to you, and what they can request from you. I will work with you to respond, then end, the audit process – quickly and efficiently

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