What I’ve learnt from Mr. Green will save me tons of money

36f8302Dalto’s a tax-planning magician a.k.a. guru a.k.a. the King of Keep.  He explains bookkeeping and tax loopholes in plain English, and is absolutely amazing at it.  He has profound knowledge and extensive experience.
Here’s your usual scenario: you ask you bookkeeper a question, she tells you that you should go talk to an accountant.  The accountant will tell you to talk to a financial planner.  The financial planner will recommend a good tax lawyer.  The tax lawyer will tell you that you really need to talk to a financial advisor, who, in turn, will send you back to your bookkeeper.  I’ve been through this vicious circle more than once.
Dalton is a one-stop shop.  His goal is not to hide behind other certified and licensed professions, he’s there to answer your questions and make this stuff work for you. What I’ve learnt from Mr. Green will save me tons of money.