I was saved time, money and aggravation

I am an international artist and I have very little time to focus on anything outside of my work in the studio. When my former accountant was banned from preparing tax returns this year, I was referred to Dalton at Green Financial Online Inc. He was very accommodating to my schedule and understood my concerns. After analyzing last year’s corporate return and finding a major accounting error, he explained the situation, contacted CRA on my behalf and created the correction papers – all I had to do was sign and submit. He did this at no additional charge to the cost of the return. His actions and concern for my business to be on safe and solid ground were truly appreciated. I was saved time, money and aggravation as he knew what to do, dealt with the CRA, solved my problem and put my mind at rest – all in one week! I recommend Dalton at Green Financial to anyone who wants to be certain they are getting safe and complete service from their tax advisor!